Cloud engineer who is interested in latest innovations in tech. Sharing my findings, ideas with rest of the world.

Quick background

Since my childhood I’ve liked crafts. Whether it was an origami or creating my own shampoo. I spent most of my childhood on building something. I am also an Indie hacker where I would like to build my SAAS applications from scratch. I strongly believe that openness in knowledge and ideas will bring positive changes to our society. So I created this blog to share mine.

What I love doing


I like to travel a lot. So far I have visited 14 countries. I like to see different sides of a culture, create new experiences and connect with people.


I like to have adventures a lot. My favorites are hiking, bungee jumping and scuba diving. Here is a picture of me hiking the highest mountain in Malaysia (Mt. Kinabalu).

Mt. Kinabalu Summit


I’ve been running for the past 2 years. So far I have run 21km run. My aim is to make a 42km run soon.

Animal welfare

I believe in doing the actual field work and seeing what the problems are in real world. So I pick very few causes to support and actively contribute to it. It always breaks my heart whenever I see animals struggle for their life. So I’ve decided to rescue stray animals, foster them until I find a suitable owner or give it to an animal welfare. So far I have rescued pigeons, swallows, cats and owls. One of my most notable rescue was an owl. I saw an owl near my apartment and it was unable to fly because of damaged wings. So my friend and I manage to capture it and foster it for few days and leave it in a animal welfare group. Here are some pictures of the rescue.


My professional career

Started as web application hacker, I participated in CTF competitions. Then I became a freelance developer where I was primarily working on graphical applications. You can checkout the final demo of my first application that was shipped to my client. Then I became a full stack developer where I was developing Enterprise web portal for VOIP providers. Later I became part of R&D team to create multi platform chat application using electron. Then I became a maintainer for open source automated trading platform. Currently I’m a DevOps engineer where I have contributed to develop release pipeline, kubernetes migration, automating infrastructure using chef and also manage daily operations for Linux and Windows based operating systems.

About my blog

Who is this blog written for?

For anyone who is interested in latest innovations in cloud engineering.

What type of contents to expect

  • Tools comparison - There are plethora of tools that are available online and most of us cannot try out those tools because it’s really expensive to do so. I will compare the tools that are commonly used and suggest scenarios where it can be used.

  • Breakdowns - “Make it simple” I firmly believe in that concept. With so many innovations happening online one might find it difficult to grasp why this was invented and wonder “how it will be useful for me?”. I will do my best to break down the complicated concepts in a simple way.

  • Projects - As I mentioned earlier l would like to create one on my own project or improvise it. I will share about my current projects that I’m working on.

Content frequency

I am planning to keep this blog for curiosity and healthy discussion. For now I am planning to share at least 2 posts per month and slowly increase the frequency to 4 posts per month.

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